Successful Case Sharing---Experience and Inspiration of Mexico HZS60 Type Concrete Mixing Plant Shipment

Date: 2019-02-27 From: jinsheng

HZS60 concrete batching plant

At the end of 2018, I received an inquiry from Mexico on the company's network platform about the need for a HZS60 concrete mixing plant. I responded to the inquiry promptly and asked the customer's request details. Every day, the customer responded to my questions on time at a fixed time.

I analyzed the customer's needs and responses, and found that this is a serious customer. The person in contact with me is a purchasing manager of a multinational company. They have their own business sales team in many countries. They can meet and follow up customers in time. In this way, they can solve any equipment problems of customers in a very timely speed, and the end-users trust them very much. This effectively solves the problem that simple network connection can not objectively have a true relationship with each other. The drawbacks of real understanding and perception.

With regard to products, in communication, agents use the trust of end-users and their linguistic advantages to continuously provide two-way feedback. For example, we need to know the real purpose of customer purchasing mixing plant in order to change the design of it, such as the requirement of discharging height of mixer, the capacity and quantity of cement silo, the need for additive weighing, and the control system is fully automatic computer control or simple automatic control, local three-phase industrial voltage and frequency, single-phase voltage, batching machine needs four storage bins or three (conventional batching for how many aggregates), batching machine weighing needs hopper weighing or belt weighing, whether need control room, etc.

Initially, customers chose high matching, three bunker separate weighing, plant outside cover sealing, mixing monitoring and so on. At the same time, customers' budget is relatively tight. According to its practical use, we suggest that it use four bunker type of mixing machine to expand the high hurdles, while not using the outer seal, and change the material of large inclined belt into the material of flat inclined belt, so as to achieve a balance. At the same time, customers hope to build rain proof cover on the inclined belt machine to prevent aggregate adhesion and moisture exceeding the standard when feeding in rain. Okay, the most test technology is how to change the mixing motor, lifting motor, electric drum, submersible pump and sand vibration. In addition, there are solenoid valves and solenoid coils to the adapted voltage of the client country. At the same time, the control system should be re-wiring, power distribution system and voltage conversion system changes. Our company's strong technical team has accomplished the task well, and received unanimous praise from customers, and signed a five-year directional procurement agreement.

The reason why the customer is a serious customer is that before the end of production and delivery, the customer arranges a third-party inspection agency to come to our factory to inspect and test the machine in person. The third-party agent is very responsible. The whole set of plant, including the details of the machine, took photos, and compared with the import inspection standards of the customer countries one by one. With the close cooperation of the production department and the design department, the inspection is successfully completed.

Delivery, in order to meet the customer's shipping schedule, the production department has made the utmost efforts to cooperate, timely completion of production, polishing, painting, polishing, but in order to ship, it has been delayed to receive the customer's final payment.

Customers are also anxious, because the bank can not remit the money out, in line with the principle of saving costs for customers and improving the quality of service, we agree to change the payment terms to pay against the bill of lading payment. Finally, before shipping, the customer's final payment was received smoothly, reassuring. In line with all the principles of customer convenience, the operation of the ticket export to the customer's user experience is very comfortable.


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