How to Operate Concrete Batching Plant Correctly in Summer

Date: 2018-05-23 From: jinsheng

HZS180 concrete batching plant

The temperature is gradually rising and the hot summer is coming soon. Compared with other seasons, the special temperature and humidity in summer will affect the work of concrete batching plant to some extent. So how to operate and maintain the concrete batching plant equipment correctly in summer?

1, Arrange the construction time reasonably, avoid the ground temperature peak as soon as possible, construction use staggered time such as in the morning and evening.

2, Ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and the surrounding environment. As the concrete batching plant is kept outdoors all year round, and there is a great deal of sunshine and heavy rainfall in summer, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment and reduce the corrosion. At the same time, keep the surrounding environment clean and free of water to prevent corrosion and rust of concrete batching plant equipment.

3, Regularly check whether the motor, electrical appliances have overheating, abnormal noise phenomenon or not, check whether the instrument indicator is normal or not. If it is found that there is overheating phenomenon or machine noise and instrument indication is abnormal, it shall be handled immediately to ensure the normal operation of the production equipment.

4, The equipment of concrete batching plant should be maintained and overhauled regularly. If the blade and scale board are found to be worn out, they should be replaced as appropriate, the transmission gear should be checked regularly, and grease should be applied appropriately to prolong its service life.

5, Bearing and reducer should be regular lubricated and maintained. It can not only resist the dry weather, but also prolong the service life of the machine to a certain extent.


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