Working Principle of Cement Silo

Date: 2018-04-27 From: jinsheng

cement silo

Cement silo is suitable for storing various bulk materials such as grain, cement and fly ash. The tank is equipped with a material level system to show the position of the material. Cement silo is mainly used to store cement, fly ash and other raw materials for concrete production in concrete batching plant.

Working principle of cement silo

1.To install the cement silo, it shall use a truck crane to lift it up, and then it will be placed on the prefabricated concrete foundation.Check and ensure the silo is vertical and then the bottom of the cement silo must be welded firmly with the embedded parts of the foundation.

2.After the storage silo is fixed, the cement is transported to the site by bulk cement truck, and then the conveying pipeline of bulk cement truck is connected with the feeding pipe of cement silo, later the cement in the tank is conveyed into the cement silo by the help of the gas pressure of bulk cement truck.

3.During the conveying, the operator shall press the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector uninterruptedly to shake off the cement attached to the filtering bag of the dust collector to prevent cement from blocking the cloth bag and avoid blasting.

4.Full and lack of material can be observed from high and low material level.

5.When discharging, firstly open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, and then transfer the cement through the cement conveying device---screw conveyor. During the discharging, if the phenomenon of “arching” occurs, press the button of electromagnetic valve of the broken arch device in time. It will blow the air to eliminate the “arching” and ensure the smooth delivery of cement.

6.If there is any failure of the cement delivery device, close the manual discharge valve quickly at the bottom of the cone to prevent the cement from overflowing and avoid wasting.


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