JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

JZR500 diesel concrete mixer is specially designed for remote areas lacking of electricity or without electricity and can not achieve mechanized construction. The whole machine working power source is one unit of diesel engine. Diesel-engine concrete mixer is widely applied to small and medium sized projects, such as road, bridge, wharf, and water conservancy and civil engineering.

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Brief Introduction of JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

Jinsheng JZR500 concrete mixer is a kind of self-falling and reversal discharging mixing machine. This concrete mixer is driven by one diesel engine, no need electricity. The diesel engine drives the feeding and mixing via two control handles.

JZR500 diesel concrete mixer is used for the construction sites where has no electric power supply. It is very popular for mixing small capacity plastic concrete and semi-dry concrete.

The feeding hopper can be driven by hydraulic or steel wire.


Components of JZR Series Concrete Mixer

1. Adopt diesel engine as working power source,can be operation in on electricity area.

Diesel Power

2. Hydraulic tipping hopper (or wire rope hoisting) for aggregate feeding.

Tipping Hopper

3. Adding a water pump for water circulation between water tank and water radiator,keep the water temperature to be stable.

Water Pump

4. By observing the oil pressure gauge,you can know whether the oil leakage,the pressure is too high.It ensures the normal operation.

5. Removing the air sucking point from the back to the front,reduce to suck the dust.It will be good to prolong the service life of the engine.

Operating Handle

Main picture of concrete mixer

JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

Items Parameter
Model JZR500
Discharging Capacity 500L
Charging capacity 800L
Productivity 18-22m³/h
Drum rotating speed 13r/min
Power source Diesel engine, single cylinder, water-cooled with battery starter
Power 18HP
Dragging 2/4 tyres
Max. dragging speed 20km/h
Dimension 3750x2240x3800mm
Total weight 2150/2200kg




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