WBZ600 Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

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Introduction of stabilization soil mixing plant

1. WBZ series stabilization soil mixing equipment is required for grass-roots material construction ,such as road, city way, airport, playground and etc.

2. We utilized advanced technology to study producing at home and abroad, which is special for mixing plant.

3. Raw material It can use lime, soil, sand, fly ash, cement and etc. raw material, and for producing cement stabilization grit, ashes stabilization base material, meanwhile, it can press concrete and etc. base material.

4. There is two kinds that is moveable and modular ones up to construction requirement.

Zhengzhou Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

Technical advantages

1. Excellent mixing performance

The plant is equipment with a twin horizontal shaft mixer so that it is powerful in mixing capability ,excellent in mixing quality ,fast and high production rate . It could handle various proportions of mixtures such as: dry hardness ,semi dry hardness, plastic and others.

2. Easy operation

Use computer to control the whole plant either automatically or manually so that is easy to operate the plant . we use dynamic display to show the situation of every component in operation and could store the data and print the reports.

3. Accurate weighting

Computerized control system use all imported components for weighting and control aggerata,fly ash, cement and water. The sampling rate is above 120 times per second to guarantee the accuracy and the stable working performance.

4. Excellent maintenance

There are platform and ladders at every service and maintenance position with sufficient space to observe and operate. There are two sets of washing system: pump washing and manual washing ,and they could be in operation simultaneously . The floored design guarantees all the operations regardless of weather.

5. Industrial design

The industrial design adopting ergonomics and aesthetics bring us a plant that is elegant in design ,reasonable in layout and joyful in color, it is an artwork that is also comfortable to operate ,easy to maintain . The rigorous logical thinking ,profound design concept ,comprehensive economical process and accurate detail design are the guarantee of our outstanding products.

Zhengzhou Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd


1. Host machine adopt twin shaft mixer with good mixing uniformity.

2. Measurement methods using electronic measurement, frequency control with measurement accuracy and reliable performance.

3. Using the industrial microcomputer automatic control, can store 10 groups of formula, has the manual, the automatic choice, the operation is convenient, the reliability is good.

Zhengzhou Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
Model WBZ300 WBZ500 WBZ600 WBZ800
Rated production capacity 300t/H 500t/H 600t/H 800t/H
Total power 88KW 158KW 168KW 228KW
Type of measuring Volume Volume Volume Volume
Aggregate ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Soil ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Lime powder, Coal ash ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Cement ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Water ±1.5% ±1.5% ±1.5% ±1.5%
Max motor power 45KW 2×37KW 75KW 90KW
Aggregate Diameter ≤±60mm ≤±60mm ≤±60mm ≤±60mm
Area covered 45×17m2 50×18m2 52×22m2 58×26m2
Total weight 39t 51t 54t 59t
Mode of speed regulation Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic



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